Intelligent monitoring of corrosion in reinforced concrete

Surveillance with embedded sensors

Remote monitoring

Estimation of corrosion rate

Real-time data

Intelligent monitoring of corrosion in reinforced concrete

Surveillance with embedded sensors

Remote monitoring

Estimation of corrosion rate

Real-time data

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Corrochip, the most efficient solution for long-term monitoring of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures.

CORROCHIP is an innovative system for the detection and evaluation of corrosion processes in the steel embedded in concrete that allows detecting it when it starts corrupting, remotely monitoring the state of the structure over time and obtaining information on the progression of corrosion with high reliability.

It is an integral solution that uses sensors embedded in the structure to evaluate the condition of the reinforcements, sends and processes the data in the cloud and provides various physical-chemical parameters, also making an estimation of the corrosion rate using an innovative technique, precise and in real time.

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Solution installation and corrosion monitoring with Corrochip

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Corrosión visible en un viaducto construido sobre el mar

The great enemy of concrete structures

Corrosion is one of the most worrying processes related to the deterioration of the reinforcements embedded in concrete structures, and the one with the greatest economic impact. As it is a process that develops internally, when it’s visible on the surface, the damage is usually very advanced.

Accurate measurement of corrosion in reinforced concrete is essential to analyze the durability and service life of the structure. Detecting corrosion in time and acting proactively lengthens the life of the structure, significantly reduces maintenance costs and guarantees safety.



Key tool for assessing safety

CORROCHIP allows the state of structures to be known at all times, without the need to carry out on-site interventions, and offers the necessary information to evaluate the progress of corrosion in order to anticipate deterioration situations that could compromise their integrity. This allows us to act in time guaranteeing structural safety.

Long-term continuous monitoring

CORROCHIP is integrated into the structure and acts as a sentinel system, making and sending measurements periodically during the life of the structure. The durability of the corrosion sensing element –which has a life time of at least 100 years in any type of structure– and the use of the non-destructive technique PSV-TE allow the control of corrosion in the very long term.

Edificios, viaductos y otras estructuras conectados a la nube mediante Corrochip
Edificios, viaductos y otras estructuras conectados a la nube mediante Corrochip

It can be integrated into new and existing structures

The CORROCHIP sensors are embedded in the concrete after identifying the critical areas for the measurements. In new construction this procedure is carried out before pouring the concrete, while in pre-existing structures it is also possible to integrate the system through minimal intervention.

Connected structures: greater cost efficiency

The remote monitoring and reliability of CORROCHIP’s exclusive PSV-TE technique greatly optimize the management of structures and achieve significant reductions in inspection and maintenance costs by providing the critical parameters necessary to evaluate a structure from the point of view durability, in real time.


Calculation of corrosion rate

CORROCHIP is a novel multiparameter system that uses embedded sensors to detect corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. Based on the physicochemical measurements made by the sensors over time and using the innovate PSV-TE stepped pulse scanning technique, CORROCHIP allows estimating the corrosion rate from the initiation period to the propagation period, based on measurements obtained in real time and with a high level of precision.

This technique, developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València, is protected by a patent.  It uses a method based on the Tafel extrapolation method (TE) for the detection of corrosion and by using potentiostatic pulses it eliminates its main drawbacks, such as polarization. irreversible of embedded reinforcements. The new PSV-TE technique is therefore a non-destructive method that allows constant monitoring over time and is very accurate compared to other laboratory or field techniques.

Técnicos del equipo de la Universitat Politècnica de València y de Witeklab realizando observaciones en un proyecto piloto de Corrochip

Developed by Witeklab and the Universitat Politècnica de València – Institut Universitari d’Investigació de Reconeixement Molecular i Desenvolupament Tecnològic (IDM) – Departament de Construccions Arquitectòniques

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Automatic measurement with cloud data 

CORROCHIP consists of the following elements:

Measurement sensor, which is embedded in the armor and consists of:

  • Data acquisition and pre-processing board
  • One or more working electrodes (WE)
  • A counter measuring electrode (CE)
  • A reference electrode (RE)

Internal station, which collects the measurements made by the sensors.

External station with autonomous photovoltaic power, connected to the CORROCHIP server in the cloud via a 3G / 4G / 5G data radio link.

The CORROCHIP software allows the visualization of the physical parameters measured and incorporates an alarm system for different levels of corrosion in the structure.

Key parameters

CORROCHIP includes a system for displaying measured physical parameters such as:

  • Intensity of corrosion icorr (uA/cm2).
  • corrosion potential Ecorr (mV) vs SCE.
  • Corrosion rate vcorr (μm/yr).
  • Estimated critical time tc (years)

Other measured parameters that are of interest are:

  • Electrical resistance of concrete
  • Electrical double layer capacity Cdl (μF/cm2)


Diagrama de proyecto de implantación de Corrochip


Our specialized team will carry out a study of the structure to define the most representative points for corrosion monitoring and recommend the optimal positioning and number of sensors.

Measurement system installation

The first part of the installation of the CORROCHIP measurement system consists of the integration of the electrodes and the wiring to the measurement electronics and hermetic sealing. Next, the final installation of the power station and connection to the data network is carried out for the transmission of the measurements to the CORROCHIP server.

Reports and consulting

The Witeklab technical team is in charge of monitoring the parameters and programmed alarms and prepares the periodic reports established with the Client. It also offers advice on the interpretation of the reports and the adoption of remedial and/or reinforcement measures.

Project gallery

Projects using Corrochip for corrosion control

Leading companies in the fields of construction, structure design and materials production use the CORROCHIP system to detect and monitor corrosion processes in critical infrastructures, as well as to test the relationship between concrete quality and the appearance of corrosion in structures located in marine environments.

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